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Micro-Links is a strand by strand locking technique that does not use any chemicals and doesn't damage your hair. They are 100% human Remy hair and does not mat or tangle with proper maintenance. 

They can be used to add length, fullness, volume, hi/low-lights.

Certified stylists in Babe Extensions

  • Full head application for length/thickness and blending service. Includes up to 5 packs of hair - $900
  • Add low/hi-lights service - $300
  • Touch of color (up to 5 strands, hair provided) with blending service - $200
  • Extension Maintenance. Recommended every 6 weeks $200
  • Removal - $100
  • Client is responsible for the cost of hair and beads, 50% deposit before we order the hair
  • The average amount for a full head of hair is 4-5 packs of hair and 2 packs of beads.
  • 22 Inch Hair per pack - $110
  • 18 Inch Hair per pack - $85
  • Beads per pack - $18
  • Brush - $25 

We do not use hair purchased outside the recommended vendor

You must use sulfate free shampoo and a special brush to help maintain your hair.

If you do not use recommended shampoo we will not guarantee the service.

  • Additional Information

    Things to Remember

    Hair extension prices vary depending on quality, length and hair grade. With hair extensions, you head will feel heavier than normal when your hair is wet. The extensions will also take longer to dry than your natural hair. This is another reason to match the extensions to the texture and weight of your own hair.

    Having thicker hair extensions than your natural hair will weigh more on your scalp and can cause pulling, irritation and hair loss.

    Incorrect installations can damage the hair and scalp, and hair loss can be permanent.

    Synthetic hair extensions can create problems when blow drying and using hair straighteners.


    Tangling and knotting can be an issue if your hair extensions are not cared for properly. Loosely plaiting your hair at night can help prevent tangling.


    Hot Fusion extensions are pre-tipped bundles of hair that use a heating tool to connect to your natural hair. They are usually made of protein-based keratin polymer. They do tend to damage hair over time, so avoid this method if you have thinning or weak hair.


    Eventually, all hair extension must be removed. Removal cost is not included in the application cost. In order to order and schedule your appointment, a 50% non-refundable deposit is required. You are also asked to read and sign our documents that you understand our policy and home care instructions.