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Nail Services include Acrylics, Shellac, Manicures, and Pedicures. We use CND products and now offer a Duralast topcoat which is a stronger lasting longer topcoat for people who have their hands in water more. Sparkle topcoat is available for people who want to little bling in their life. Want more enhancements? We have updated our Spa Services to help you look and feel younger!

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All About The Basics Manicure - includes filing and buffing of the nails, cuticle care, and light massage  - 20

All About The Basics Pedicure -35

All About The Relaxing and Indulging Manicure & Pedicure are also available -45

*Prices Subject to Change

Acrylic Full Set
Acrylic Fills
Gel Full Set
Gel Fill
Shellac & Manicure
Shellac Removal

Spa Pedicure

Dips Full Set

Dips Full Set with Removal

Dips Removal

Dips Full Set with Extensions















All About The Hair Nail Techs are licensed through the state of Michigan.

Before you get any nail service done, know that or salon DOES sterilize their tools between customers. Using Dry Autoclave - medical-grade machine.  All of the All About The Hair Nail Techs are licensed through the State of Michigan.  We use  EPA Registered Hospital Grade disinfectants, designed to meet the needs of state boards and assure our consumers that sanitation and disinfection are done properly and completely. 

You can get fungus or yeast bacteria from dirty tubs, which cause fungal infections from pedicure tubs. Fungus infections eat away at the edge of the nail and can get into the base of the nail. Our spa pedicure liners are disposed of after each customer as are the nail files and orange nail wood sticks. Our two-steps cleaning method includes Barbicide and Dry Autoclave Sanitizers. 

*It is recommended that our clients not shave their legs the morning before a pedicure. If you get micro-nicks in the skin from shaving and fungus can get into the skin. 

*Foot Razors are illegal in most states including Michigan.

Misc Nail Services

Polish Change (Hands)

Paraffin Hands or Feet 

Hot Oil Massage

Tamp Art

Nail Art







Nail Services