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  • Pre and Post Massage Lymphatic Drainage Massage

    A specific type of massage body work that gently yet effectively eliminates the build-up of toxins and fluids caused by blockages in the flow of lymphatic fluids throughout the lymphatic system. 


  • Prenatal Massage

    *Deep tissue massage, this uses firm strokes pressing deep into the muscles

    *Swedish massage, this uses soft long stokes to the muscles and attention to joint mobility

    *Shiatsu, this uses pressure and tapping on acupressure points to stimulate the body's natural energy (called QI)


    Prenatal massage is thorough body massage given by a professional massage therapist, similar to a Swedish massage (like what you would expect at a spa), with the exception of a couple of body placements changes that can guarantee the safety and convenience of both the mother and baby.  In short, it focuses on helping you relax tense muscles, ease sore spots, improve circulation, improves circulation, improves mobility, and makes you feel better overall. A pregnant mother's center of gravity is altered, this puts a lot of strain n her back, neck, abdominal muscles, and shoulders. Ligaments are also softened during pregnancy, which makes your pelvic joints less stable.  It also pulls your pelvis forward because of all the extra weight you are carrying.

  • Hot Stone

    Hot Stone massage therapy is an ancient Chinese technique that utilizes, black rocks of basalt. The massage therapist uses the stones as an extension of their hands to knead your muscles, similar to Himalayan salt stone massage.


    What are the benefits of Himalayan salt stone massage?


    These Himalayan salt massage stones offer a variety of benefits such as:

          -The Himalayan salt is popular known for containing 84 minerals.

          -Excess of the +ive ions in the body causes inflammation.

          -Himalayan salt balls help eliminate toxins from the skin and body and nourish it with useful minerals.

          -The skin feels nourished and smooth when it is exfoliates with the massage stones.

          -Hot stone massage helps your body relax.

  • Deep Tissue


    Deep Tissue reaches deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue to help relieve tension.


    What to expect with a Deep Tissue Massage: 


         -Cross Fiber Friction: the massage therapist, often without oil or lotion, uses hands to create heat to help loosen up tense muscles.

         -Active Release Technique (ART): the massage therapist releases muscles tension through a combination of manipulating your body into different positions.  (ART) breaks up scar tissue and adhesions that form in damaged soft tissue and can cause pain, muscle weakness, and numbness. This hands-on treatment helps with sprains, strains, chronic pain, and overuse injuries.

  • Sports Massage

    Is a type of deep tissue massage for athletes and people who exercise regularly.

  • Swedish


    Is a relaxing massage where the therapist uses moderate pressure to relieve muscle tension.